The Bump

26th December 2010
Recently, I've had a great opportunity to record the progress and 'bump size' of my nephew's pregnant girlfriend, Jessica. I saw a series of images somewhere on the internet a while back (I can't remember whose website it was, but thanks for the idea) which showed a pregnant mother to be, photographed at the beginning and I assume each month, as 'the bump' grew, until a final shot with the mother holding the baby in her arms and looking back over the previous nine months images but all the images in one panoramic photo.

I suggested the idea to the parents to be and they thought it would be an ideal opportunity and unique image to have for future years to come.

So, it all sounds easy and having the idea and image in my head, arrived at their home for the first session while Jessicas bump was just developing. I set up my lights and did a couple of test shots then started to fire away. I must admit though, that I had no idea that my flash lights weren't fast enough to freeze the moment fully and we spent a couple of hours with every picture of Jessica taken with her eyes 'synced' to the flash - or just plain shut! It was very frustrating not being able to get an image with her eyes open - we even practiced 'staring' just so I could get some shots, but even that didn't seem to work.

Well, after a long session, I decided to call it a day and was resigned to the fact I might not get a single image of her. So, one last go and then pack up, I thought. Eureka, the very last shot was perfect. Eyes open, hand on hip and looking at the camera. It was well worth the time and effort we put in to it. So, since then, I have been back another two times to get more 'bump' progress images and am half way to a great record event of Jessicas pregnancy. The image is attached and will be updated for the next few months until birth.


Photo comment By tony H: But will the dress she's wearing be able to stretch much further? We need to know!

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