Lytham Windmill

04th November 2010
For a while now, I have had an image of the Windmill at Lytham, taken for a friend, who wanted it as a gift for someone else that used to live there and is now abroad. Great idea and should be hung on a wall in another country now. It was only recently though that after showing a mate of mine the same image from a series of other 360 panoramics, that his wife blurted out where the place was and had relatives there and could she have one for her wall too. In red! My original image though was more land than Windmill due to lack of fore-thought and scouting etc for a better viewpoint. So last weekend, I challenged myself to get back to Lytham and take a superior shot that had some 'impact' and would look even better on a wall in the UK.

Well, Saturday it was. Looking out the window in Warrington, the clouds looked fluffy enough and the sun was setting but not fast enough for me to miss it. Off I went. It takes about an hour to drive there and as I came into Lytham I noticed the sun had gone, the sky was dark and a huge grey cloud with an overfull amount of rain was about to empty - right above me. Well, no point going back, so I thought a 360 HDR would be in order. After checking the view, I settled for a close shot underneath the Windmill and started taking shots. F11 and 30th then 15th then 8th and back up to 60th , 125th. Repeat 11 more times and hey presto - it didn't stitch. Too dark and problems finding 'control points' in PT Gui.

But all is not lost. A simple, single, 360 panorama did the job as back up - as I was in the scouts all those years ago, I've never forgotten the motto to 'be prepared' and also get something in 'the can' before the monsoon comes, which is what it actually felt like when it poured. Rain in the 'horizontal'.

Anyway, the image is available to view in my gallery - in red of course! But here it is on the day:-

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