Lightroom 3

29th October 2010
So, after reading last weeks 'pop' post, this week I'm going to talk about what I bought for myself as my present for my 50th. Adobe Lightroom 3.

Why Lightroom? Well, I bought ver. 1 a while back - and didn't understand it. Virtual pictures? What's that all about? So I gave up. Then after a while I started to find a use for it and used it to import, tart up my images and export back into Bridge in Photoshop. My most useful find was combining some 360 panoramic images I created using PT Gui and using the 'presets' in 'develop' in Lightroom to give some old photo technique look to them. Then i upgraded to ver 2. Didn't seem much of a change there though. So I plodded on and got a bit more use from it (but still not fully understanding it) and have basically used it in the same way - to import images, dress them up, export back into Bridge. I think what I wanted and maybe what other photographers want, is to be able to import straight into Lightroom, clean, sharpen, control contrast/brightness etc and then save in to a main library which in my case is Bridge. Ver 2 couldn't do that but I heard on the grapevine that ver 3 could. So I took the plunge last week and downloaded a discounted copy from Adobe. After checking all the import boxes and installing, when I came to look in my library or catalogue as it is called, instead of the 3500 images I have in ver 2, there were about 90 that had imported.

I did a bit of digging around on the internet and found that I have probably imported images from the Beta copy I tried for 30 days. So why didn't Lightroom 3 over-write ver 2 and transfer all my library across? Why couldn't that information be added to the installation process that my images might not transfer and give me the option to correct it? Looks like I have to start from scratch again and re-import everything, due to the fact I am dealing with two separate catalogues. So I still don't understand it! Unless anyone out there reading this can put me on the right track. Thanks in anticipation.

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